Pdf: Sheet Music – Reflections on Mirror Symmetry




The pieces published in this eBook (Pdf) were recorded by Victor Alcántara and his trio on the  CD “Reflections on Mirror Symmetry” (CD, Mp3) however, they do not contain any transcriptions of the solos improvised on the recording. The piano part is supplemented by separate bass parts, which can also provide orientation for the drummer.
The compositions are dedicated to a phenomenon that determines not only the human appearance, but also the construction of the piano keyboard: mirror symmetry. The central white key d functions as a topographic mirror axis such that both hands can perform identical but mirrored movements simultaneously. This ordering principle affects the individual pieces in different ways and to different degrees. Palindromorphy provides the music theoretical concept for this.Here the mirror symmetry serves to expand the spectrum of artistic expression. If it becomes an end in itself, what it is about is lost: music.

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