Mp3 Album: Victor Alcántara Trio – Reflections on Mirror Symmetry




Victor Alcántara – piano
Henning Sieverts – Bass
Bastian Jütte – Drums

(Music book / Lead sheets: click here )

The compositions and improvisations of this recording are dedicated to a phenomenon that determines not only human appearance but also the construction of the piano keyboard: mirror symmetry. The central white key D acts as a topographical mirror axis, allowing both hands to perform identical but mirrored movements simultaneously.
This ordering principle shapes the individual pieces in different ways and to different degrees. For example, the improvisation in Auto Reverse is characterized by synchronously mirrored single lines, while in the theme of Girih nearly every other measure is the reflection of the previous one. Palindromorphism provides the music-theoretical concept for this. Mirror symmetry serves here to expand the artistic spectrum of expression. If it becomes an end in itself, what it is about is lost: music.